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My Japanese is better  
04:12pm 26/02/2008
Katie Scarlett
Fuck yeah, I do.

Got sort of drunk last night, and have been paying for it all morning. That's all you need to know.

Don't want to go to work.

I tried to call off yesterday because I swear to god I was working, but Ayten sort of yelled at me and told me I was off anyway. They change the schedule there so often, I can't keep track of it. When I initially wrote it down, I was supposed to work at 5 on Monday. Then, it changed to 11:30. Then, I'm off? What the fuck.

Getting a Harry Potter-themed sleeve soon. Maybe or maybe not before the nipple piercings. It all depends on how much the component parts of the tattoo will cost separately, vs. the two sets of nipple piercings.

I found the perfect drawing of Voldemort and Nagini:
Isn't that epic? I begged the artist for permission to use it, because it's exactly what I imagined.

Now I have to get ready for work. I hate working with Debbie and Gary, and yet, I still have to work with them today.

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