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Maybe I'm the one  
11:55pm 27/02/2008
Katie Scarlett
Damon went to his probation meeting, where the question of whether or not he's going to jail was supposed to arise. It did; he had the choice of 45 days or another year of probation. He took the probation. I would have been okay with that, if he didn't tell me why he chose it. He said that he wouldn't have a job or anywhere to live when he got out.

Damian and I kept telling him to just take the time, get it over with, and be a free man once again. For fuck's sake, he's been on probation, what, four or five years now? We've also made it clear, or so I thought, that he wouldn't have to worry about where to live because we're here for him. Well, he said he took the probation time, and Damian asked him why, and so Damon told him. WTF? I was thinking. No job, yeah that sucks, but no place to live? I don't understand where the miscommunication was at. We said he DID have a place to live. "Well, things change," Damon said, with a smug, knowing look on his face.

That hurt me so much, I can't even describe the pain. What does Damon think I am, if not his family? Has he just been lying to me this whole time? I don't understand what I did to make him think otherwise. Was I just deluding myself, and he just keeps me around because I'm on the lease and pay bills? Does he not even care about our friendship? Does he think I don't care?

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