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Whatever happened to that night I gave it to you? What will I do with it now?  
05:53am 18/02/2008
Katie Scarlett
I went on a sort of date thing with Kitty's brother Rob last night. The first thing he said was, "OMGZORZ It's like a blast from the past!" I never really felt close to him the last time we knew each other, though; he was just my best friend's drunk brother. Then, we went to Denny's and I saw him in the light for the first time in a long time, and it almost killed me to look at him.

I never really realized how alike they are. Even their smiles are the same. Okay, Kitty's is prettier, but that's probably because she doesn't feel as awkward around me as I'm sure Rob did last night.

We had a pretty fun night. I saw Jumper again, which is totally okay with me because all the other movies at the theater sucked and Jumper was awesome, so yeah.

He doesn't seem to want to have a girlfriendly-type girl hanging around him, so that's good. I really just want more friends, but what if he ends up wanting to take the friendship further? Do I have the strength of character to be like, No, Rob, dating me is the totally last thing you want to do unless you want your entire life destroyed again? I don't know if I do, but I don't want to start a random conversation out of nowhere about us dating if that's not even on his mind, because that would just be weird. I've been weird around him in general since we started talking though, so maybe he would just go with the flow.

When he dropped me off, I leaned over and offered my cheek for a kiss, and he kissed it. I felt really weird after that; I think he did too. He said he wouldn't have done it if he thought it would have been out of line or awkward, though, and I believe him. Maybe I shouldn't over-think it.

In other news:

I think I might be the Rookie of the Year at my workplace because not only did I tell them that the job everyone hates to do (take down the salad bar) was my favorite one, I also told Ayten (my boss) that I want to close five nights a week. Judging from the sentiment I've noticed from my coworkers about closing, they will all be very much relieved and excited. Fuck it, I just want the hours.

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